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FACTS is a Facility and Activity Scheduling System, developed to manage booking of golf tee times, while also managing inventory of associated hire items.

FACTS has been developed for all styles of golf operation, from Resort to Municipal to Private Member.

FACTS Facility And Activity Scheduling System

FACTS is a Facility and Activity Scheduling System, developed to manage booking of golf tee times, while also managing inventory of hire items. In addition, FACTS can manage lesson diaries together with other bookable facilities at your property such as tennis courts, function rooms etc.

FACTS has evolved through the valued input of Directors of Golf and Golf Operations Managers since its inception in 1993. With over 15 years of growth, development and practical use, FACTS is a highly mature product that performs strongly in busy environments, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the needs of private and commercial golf operations.

FACTS has been built to perform in the most demanding situations. FACTS currently services operations ranging from 9 holes through to 54 holes, through all styles of golf including private member, municipal, private commercial, country clubs and resorts.

FACTS accommodates the many variations in the way golf is managed across these styles of operations and has is hugely flexible in the way the software can be configured around your operating rules and practices.

FACTS is multi-user. The software enables bookings to be taken from multiple locations simultaneously and presents them in a neat, orderly manner, both on the computer screen and on printed reports. At a glance it is apparent as to the status of the course for a given day, where players may be booked into tee times, either spare or to join existing player bookings. Players are processed through the booking procedure quickly and efficiently and with a consistent standard of service.

FACTS Overview

Equally the system offers simple professional procedures for golfer registration and payment, providing a high level of customer service potential.

The key to the ease of use of the system is the graphical presentation, rather than purely text. Incorporating icons, buttons and a mouse driven environment the system has the ease of use (and familiarity) expected from the Windows environment.

golf computer systems facts software

Both a textual and graphical view of daily booking sheets are available in the system enabling an overview of the day's bookings to be seen at a glance, yet still allowing the operator to drag and drop individual players between tee times. The text view can also present stock requirements of individual golfers, allowing instant recognition of players with booked inventory such as carts, buggies, hire clubs and so on.

The FACTS system has been developed, refined and updated via input from experienced golf operators and has been designed to offer the greatest possible flexibility. The system will adapt to the requirements of the operation and its customers, rather than the operation having to adapt to the computer system, as is often the case.

BOOKING Overview

The booking sheet, as presented on the computer screen, is completely user definable - tee time intervals can be changed and adjusted, opening and closing times can be set, cross-over intervals can be managed - and flexible to suit all operational needs. Importantly, the behaviour of the booking sheet can be adjusted day by day if required, allowing differing tee time intervals on any selected dates, or even within a single day. Restrictions on the types or categories of players that may book into any range of tee times may be imposed to give full control over the behaviour and acceptability of bookings being made by staff.

golf computer systems facts softwareIn the graphical view, bookings are presented as a coloured bar(s) on the booking sheet with the length and colour of the bar denoting the number of players booked into each booking time. By simply clicking on the desired tee time with the mouse the time expands to display the full booking details for the time selected.

When a booking is made player names, contact telephone numbers, zip/post code, booking categories, comments, gender, email, handicap and hire details are all able to be entered into the booking screen. All booking categories are user definable and may include various individual, group and wholesale category groupings as required. There is no limit to the amount of booking categories able to be defined. Each category is allocated its own fees for hire items, green fees etc., and statistics are produced on player numbers and revenue by category.

Existing or returning players are drawn from the database, updating their booking history at each visit. New players are added to the database so are then available to retrieve and update on return visits. Further detail can be recorded against individual players including preferences of brand and style of club, handing, address and contact details, and photograph. Player photographs can be displayed from the booking sheet for player recognition and identification.

As each booking is entered the computer calculates the charges to apply to each player and will produce an invoice / receipt for each player, or for any combination of players. Booking email confirmations can also be generated and are fully user definable so can be tailored to suit the individual operation.

Colour Formats To Ensure They Are Immediately Identifiable

golf computer systems facts softwareGroup bookings are entered as easily and quickly as individual bookings. Groups may be booked into single tee, two tee or shotgun start formats. All details pertaining to the group are entered into the booking. Cart cards may be produced for the players in each group to display on cart windscreens. Visually the booking sheet shows groups in different colour formats to ensure they are immediately identifiable. Shotgun starts are immediately identifiable from single or two tee starts, and buffers may be created around a shotgun start to prevent bookings being made which may otherwise interfere with play.

Any booking type can be altered or amended quickly and neatly. Bookings may also be copied or moved to other times and dates at the click of a button. Players to be dragged from within any booking and dropped onto any other booking, making management of last minute player changes a simple task. Bookings can be merged to consolidate players and free up tee times. Players may also be cancelled from a booking or flagged as "no shows" with ease.

Analysis of the booking data is available instantly and is presented in a de variety of statistical reports. These statistics can be compiled for a single day or any date range specified. The reports are comprehensive, apply historically or in forecast and can be viewed in many formats, via Windows applications.

The FACTS system provides excellent security of booking and player information. Management can control who has access to the various modules and functions within the system, and a comprehensive audit trail is created for each booking transaction. A detailed history of any booking can be displayed showing the time, date, operator and action performed against that booking, whether that be the original creation of the booking, or subsequent modifications.

golf computer systems facts softwareMember and player files are comprehensive and are updated automatically via each booking. They contain all relevant personal information, player history and photographic information if required.

The combination of ease of operation, accuracy and accessibility of bookings from any location, and the operational and managerial reporting and controls provided by the software make it an essential tool in the management and control of the course booking function.

Feature List

Booking of individual players

Player names recorded

Contact phone numbers


Comments recorded against individual players

Comments recorded against bookings

Email addresses recorded

Booking confirmation emails automatically sent

Recording of marketing sources

Booking of groups of players

Group contact details recorded

Memo/comments recorded per booking such as F&B requirements or course setup requirements - NTP's, longest drives etc

Single tee, dual tee or shotgun starts

Import of player names from system generated Excel spreadsheet

Group pricing facility

Booking sheets can be quickly viewed for any date, past, present or future

Both a graphic and textual view of booking sheets

Graphic presentation gives a clear view of entire days bookings at a glance

Access booking sheet for any date in a second or two

Allocation of hire items to bookings - carts, clubs, shoes, green fees, comp fees

Tracking of hire item availability - when out, when in, when available

Player contact management

Group contact management

Prevention of duplicate bookings for the same player within defined time period

Booking, no show and cancellation counts, per day, per period, and per player

Restrictions by day of the week (5 day members for example)

Ability to reserve times for particular purposes - member's only, shotgun buffers, course maintenance, starter's times, etc

Apply restriction and reservation rules to selected or all future dates in seconds

Limit number of times guests can be hosted by members

Limit number of guests a member can host

Reserve times for males only or females only

Restrict times for selected booking categories only

Quickly copy, move or merge bookings

Drag and drop players between bookings

Import of player names for trade/corporate groups allows production of bag tag labels, alphabetical player lists, cart cards etc

Modify tee time intervals within a day

Modify tee sheet setup for selected dates or days of the week

Add sunrise and sunset times

Any number of courses can be established and booked - 9, 18, 27, 36, 54 holes etc

Lesson booking diaries included

Booking sheets can be configured for non-golf facilities - tennis, lessons, function rooms

Attach diary notes to any date for staff alerts or attention

Attach Internet diary notes for alerts to members and guests making Internet bookings

Tee times interact with golf competitions, and vice versa

Add or remove times to/from competitions

Manage member and visitor entry into competitions

Print competition score cards

Quickly find player bookings using partial searches - "sm" finds Smith or Mossman

Receipt payments for bookings

Credit card validation on credit card payments

Online credit card processing

Voucher validation and management

Corporate rounds package management

Medical certificate alerts

Club storage alerts

Individual player text alerts

Detailed audit log of all booking creations, modifications and deletions

Statistical analysis of bookings by category

Statistical analysis of revenue by player category

Analysis of bookings by category by day of the week

Analysis of bookings by source - Internet, touch screen, Pro Shop Wizard etc

Analysis of bookings by Postcode

No-show and cancellation reports

Player numbers by day over specified date ranges

Summary of groups booked over specified date range

Marshalling reports

Email broadcast - email to players in any or all past or future booking

Email booking confirmations - manual or automated

Email booking reminders to minimize no-shows

Fully multi-user - no more chasing booking sheets and diaries

Staff login security and logging

Staff PIN optionally required for all booking interaction

Internet URL access - view weather conditions

Operational benefits provided by the FACTS system are numerous, ranging from greatly enhanced customer service procedures to immediate statistical analysis of operations.

Client convenience - customers are better serviced by being able to book (and register if required) at multiple locations at each course.

Less delays for telephone bookings - customers are less likely to have to wait on hold until a booking operator is free. Instead their inquiry can be handled by any staff member with access to the system through a computer.

Consistent service - player booking and registration procedures become standardised offering consistent levels of service to patrons. This has benefits to not only individual courses but also multi site management programs.

Customer service is able to be personalised - via the player detail files a profile of each customer is created enabling personalised individual service to be offered rather than a generic service plan only.

Player history files create a valuable and accurate data base to be used for promotional activities.

Member or VIP player verification - photographs may be stored on file to verify members, VIP's etc as required.

Loyalty rewards - customer loyalty reward programs may be operated within the FACTS system, thereby providing recognition to individuals for their continued patronage, and promoting multiple usage. These can be accessible through individual courses, or across multi-sites.

Group servicing - group reports provide alphabetical player lists, chronological lists of tee times, cart cards for windscreens, summaries of groups booked over selected date ranges, monthly groups booked (forecast or historical), comments and details relevant to each group and many other functions. Collectively these serve to ensure that groups are well serviced and preparations are in place and information shared well in advance of the group arrival.

Greater control and security on revenue - all booking creations, modifications and deletions are automatically logged to the staff member creating an audit trail and making it difficult for bookings to be fraudulently altered and revenue removed.

Ease of access to information - reports are printed in seconds for distribution and all areas of operations are aware of the golf course activity for the day. Via multi-terminal viewing the F&B department can be aware of the days activities and bookings through viewing their computer (enabling better preparation of staffing for example) without being able to access the booking sheet.

Administrative time and cost savings - reports and operations statistics are available at the press of a button with resultant wage cost savings. Ease of use of the system allows for greater productivity of staff and multi skilling.

Automatic sunrise and sunset time presentation

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