GOLF COMPETITIONS and Handicap Management System

A STRONG Competition and Tournament Management System

Golf Manager is used to set up golf competition events, record scores returned in those events and collate those scores in to meaningful results, generally ranked in order of merit.

GOLF COMPETITIONS and Handicap Management System

Golf Manager is a golf handicapping, competition and tournament management system. It is accredited for use with the Australian GOLFLink handicapping initiative.

golf computer systems HandicapsGolf Manager is used to set up golf competition events, record scores returned in those events and collate those scores in to meaningful results, generally ranked in order of merit. The returned scores are then used to process any change in the golf handicap of the players in the event.

Golf Manager caters for Stroke/Medal play, Stableford, Par, 4BBB, 4Ball Aggregate, 3BBB, 3Ball Aggregate, 2BBB, 2Ball Aggregate, Ambrose (2,3,4 and 6 person), Foursomes (50% and 3/8 handicap), 2 person teams events, 4 person team events, Irish 4 Ball Stableford, Scottish 4 Ball, Multiplier, Worst Ball and more. Team events can run in conjunction with individual events where applicable, allowing both individual and team results to be presented and produced. Callaway handicapping is also available as a separate application.

Score card printing is incorporated. Printing can form fill existing cards, print the entire inner face of the card, or print labels to affix to cards. Any number of score card templates can be established in the software, allowing different layouts for differing event types. Scorecards can also carry sponsor details, event related advertising, club advertising, and daily local rules. Scorecards for corporate events can carry specific corporate branding.

eScore electronic scorecards are incorporated into Golf manager and read hole-by-hole scores into the computer in around a second. Score validation is instant, and leader boards and hole statistics are updated immediately. Where electronic tee sheets are incorporated, score entry is also used to calculate and report on pace of play.

Score entry can be set to accept only an overall score (Gross or Result), front nine/back nine scores, or hole by hole scores. Where hole by hole scores are entered, the leaderboard and results reports are accurate to full countback level. Stableford points are calculated and verified by the computer. A report detailing average strokes per hole, hole average variance from PAR, and hole ranking by difficulty is available over any round or range of rounds using hole by hole entry, and can be further filtered by handicap range, by grade range or by gender.

Scores may be entered into Golf Manager, or can be entered by golfers themselves via our touch screen kiosk software.

Competitions can be run on any number of courses. Course details including hole length, PAR and indexing are held in the system, allowing automatic calculation of points in Stableford or Par/Bogey rounds to validate scores calculated by the golfer.

Competitions can be set up as 1-tee, 2-tee, 3-tee or shotgun starts.


In clubs operating our electronic tee sheet software, competition entry is by tee time. Players can be added to tee times by match staff within Golf Manager, or can join themselves into specific tee times via touch screen kiosk or online via the Internet. Golf Manager allows the opening and closing times of each competition to be set. Touch screen activation can be set separately from Internet activation, thereby allowing the club to open events for bookings at the club ahead of making the times available for Internet bookings. In addition, on events that are 2 tee or 3 tee starts, the opening and closing time of bookings on each tee can be managed independently if required, rather than having the entire event open simultaneously.

golf computer systems Handicaps Scores from individual events can be grouped into multi-round tournaments, and progressive and final results of aggregated tournament scores produced. This includes Club Championships for example, and in fact any event over two or more rounds. This also includes eclectic events. Any number of tournaments can be established and run concurrently. Any one round can participate in multiple tournaments.

Prize allocation can be performed within Golf Manager. Prizes and prize types can be established within the software, and are allocated to each player's prize ledger. Redemption of prizes is also noted to the player's prize ledger. Clubs operating Golf Manager and our Point of Sale module can allocate prizes to a financial ledger that is available for tendering at POS terminals.

An unattended and automated results upload to the club's Web site is also available. This allows instant and real-time publishing of current and historic results to the Web.

Sponsor details can be entered against each event. Sponsor exposures can then occur at the point of booking, booking confirmation, email booking reminders, score card printing, results sheets, leader board, subsequent emails to the competition field, and ongoing leader board advertising display.

Golf Manager has been a GOLFLink accredited software application since 1999. In 2009 we accredited with GOLFLink to use Web Services communication to their central database, and in 2014 we were the first system accredited to the new USGA style handicapping system adopted by Golf Australia.

Competition scoring systems available within Golf Manager include:




Ambrose (2,3,4 or 6 person)

Foursomes (50% and 3/8 handicap)

4Ball Best Ball

4Ball Aggregate

3 Ball Best Ball

3 Ball Aggregate

4 Person Team events

3 Person Team events

2 Person team events

Irish 4 Ball Stableford

Scottish 4 Ball


Mixed and Medley events

A variety of reports are included with Golf Manager. These include:

Competition results

Team results

Graded results

Handicap lists

Visitors cards

Hole and indexing statistics

Rounds frequency

Player lists

Score cards

Daily time sheets

Pace of play

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