i-GCS Golf Internet Booking

Live, Real Time Internet Booking of Tee Times

i-GCS Golf is an Internet interface into our Club-based tee sheets, providing the best of both worlds with fully integrated local and cloud tee sheets. It allows your club to incorporate live real-time bookings, both of tee times and other bookable facilities such as lessons, tennis courts etc.

i-GCS Golf Live, Real Time Internet Booking of Tee Times

i-GCS Golf is an Internet interface into Golf Computer Systems’ golf booking software, FACTS (Facility & Activity Scheduling System). i-GCS Golf allows booking of golf tee times live and in real time over the Internet, both by members and by non-member guests. i-GCS Golf operates on your own Web server or ours, and interacts in real time with your live database, thereby keeping bookings up-to-date to the second. The technology to operate i-GCS Golf is readily available, inexpensive, and easily maintained either remotely by us or by your own IT resources.

i-GCS Golf does not incur charges to the club every time a booking is made. It is controlled and operated by you, and the booking data remains yours, and under your control. The data generally resides on your computer system, not ours. With data residing locally your golf operations are not affected by Internet “outages”….. it’s business as usual.

i-GCS Golf provides greatly increased member service, while eliminating duplication of players on your booking sheets, and members “parking” tee times. Members can easily see availability of tee times, names of booked players on the tee sheet, and the handicaps of those players. They can then book themselves and other members in to tee times quickly and easily.

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And i-GCS Golf has huge potential to increase paying green-fee visitors to your club, particularly if you combine its introduction with a targeted marketing campaign.

i-GCS Golf tracks bookings. It can track who has made a booking… very useful when you are following up members who no-show for example, as they may claim not to have instigated their booking. Or if you are paying a commission to the management of your local motels or to hotel concierges for ensuring their guests are booked at your course, i-GCS Golf can track this detail also. External commission agents can have their own login, and can have applicable parameters applied such as number of guests they can book in a single session, days of the week into which they can book, gender restrictions over selected tee times and so on. Commission reports can then be generated by the system to make administration of these initiatives easy.

i-GCS Golf can be made available to wholesalers to view availability at your course should you wish them to do so, and optionally request bookings of larger groups of players. Access can be restricted to prevent them seeing player names, but to allow them to view more information than a non-member would see…. it’s up to you, and it’s controlled by you.

Separate Interfaces

i-GCS Golf has two separate interfaces – a member interface and a guest interface.The member interface allows members to log in using their member number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) as their password. After validating the member login, the system then displays the member’s current handicap, and provides options to enable the member to book tee times, view messages sent to the member from the course/club, and view details of current bookings already in place. Members can look up their current and future bookings rather than phoning the club to check on their booked tee times. If the system sees that it does not have an email address on file for the member then it prompts the member to enter one, thereby keeping your database up to date with email addresses of those members that interact electronically with the club. Shortly the system will also be capable of providing competition fixtures, competition results, and a leader board for the current day of play.

When members wish to book a tee time, they are presented with the entire booking sheet for the date selected. They are able to see the names of other booked players in each tee time, and their current handicaps. If the tee time is for a competition event the member can then view details of the competition, such as the type of event, scoring system, and restrictions such as whether the event is an open, invitation, or member only event. Members may then select and secure a tee time if they wish.

Members Can Book Others Into Tee Times

Members may also book other members into their tee time, or book guests if the tee time and event allows. You can place restrictions on whether or not additional players can be booked by a member, and if so, the number of players that the member can book. You may elect that a member can book only themselves, or themselves and only one other player for example. Restrictions can also be set to prevent bookings being made into selected tee times based on gender or by category, and restrictions can also be varied by member category. By this means men cannot be booked into women’s competition times, and 5 day members can not be booked into weekend competitions for example.

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When a member books another member or guest into a tee time, the system records who has booked whom, so an administrative trail can be followed in the case of disputed bookings or no-shows. A member may remove himself from a tee time, or may modify or remove any player that he has booked. For example, if player A books himself into a tee time and adds players B and C into that tee time, then A can modify or remove B and C’s bookings since A instigated the bookings, but B & C can only modify or remove themselves.

Once booked the system will optionally send an automatic email to the member, and to any other members he/she has booked, advising the date, time, reference and players within the booking.

The guest interface does not present the detailed booking sheet. Instead it requests the guest’s preferred booking date and time, and then offers the nearest available tee times to the time requested. The number of available tee times offered to the guest is user-definable. The guest can then select the preferred time from those presented, and confirm the booking after entering required details.

Payment can be processed online as part of the booking process. Using an Internet payment gateway, booking funds are immediately placed in the Club's account so there is no intermediary holding of funds. The only fee is a payment processing fee, similar to fees charged by credit card providers.

At the conclusion of the booking a booking confirmation number is passed back to the guest, and an email confirmation is then automatically generated. The email confirmation advises booking date, time, number of players, hire requirements, cost, booking reference, and optionally items such as cancellation policy, no-show policy, location map and dress regulations. The e-mail content can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Members and guests are required to provide e-mail addresses when making bookings, and these are stored for later marketing use.

Click here to view a Demo Version of iGCS Golf and Member Portal

i-GCS Golf features

There are a range of benefits that can be derived from online bookings at your course. These include:

client convenience - members and guests can book from the comfort of their home or office, during business hours or beyond.

24/7 booking service - no longer do you need to miss bookings because the office is not staffed.

increased member services in the form of a Web site, bookings, messaging and handicap lookup, with more to follow.

fewer calls from members checking on their booked tee times... they can do it online.

increased member communication.

fewer problems with duplication and parking of tee times since the system will prevent the same player being booked twice.

greater control of bookings.

greater control of facility use based on member category.

time saving from fewer calls for bookings and handicaps.

a distinct marketing edge for early adopters.

publicity opportunities.

ongoing marketing opportunities from reports generated from the booking software (particularly with corporate groups and social club follow up).

timely and accurate player, category and revenue statistics from bookings

a means to attract a greatly increased volume of paying green fee visitors to the club

increased exposure of the club/course

increased membership opportunities

high degree of control over bookings and booking restrictions

your data, your server, your marketing opportunities.

i-GCS Golf Technical Requirements

Web server – Microsoft Windows Server with IIS, or Windows 7 or 10.

Broadband Internet connection available at your site

A registered domain name

A static IP address

Golf Computer Systems Facility & Activity Scheduling System, FACTS, is a prerequisite of i-GCS Golf


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